Mower Blade & Garden Tool Sharpening

Perfect Landscapes

A beautiful landscape needs the sharpest tools.  We’ll sharpen your mower blades, garden shears, hedge trimmer, axe, machete, shovel, or whatever you need.  

Sharper is Safer

For the landscaper and home gardener, a sharp blade is about both safety and performance.  Dull or jagged blades cut poorly and can damage plants.  Dull blades on power equipment can make the tool more difficult to control, compromising your safety.  

Mower Blade Sharpening

Your mower blade needs attention as well.  You should sharpen your mower blade twice a season.  Sharp blades cut grass cleanly so your lawn stays thick and lush, and reduces your lawn mowing time. 

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We can get your equipment cutting like new.  Contact us for more information.